Jan 16, 2017

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/16/2017

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In her hit A&E series “Scientology: The Aftermath,” actress Leah Remini has exposed many brutal facets of Scientology. From forced abortions to financial extortion, there’s no shortage of reasons Remini and her fellow ex-Scientologists call the “church” a cult, not a religion. An ongoing theme of the series has been the policy of “disconnection,” a cornerstone to the organization’s control over its adherents.
The latest episode of the A&E docuseries introduced viewers to Brandon Reisdorf, a sufferer of mental illness who alleged he did not receive the proper care from members of the religious organization.

Television that exposes the inner workings of Scientology is having a moment right now. HBO’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, originally aired in 2015, is still making waves. Through a wealth of interviews with ex-members and painstaking research, the documentary made a number of startling claims about the organization and its conditions for devotees — physical and mental abuse, slave labor and enforced imprisonment in inhumane conditions, and enormous financial burdens, to name a few. Those who have left the church describe harassment, surveillance and defamatory statements made about them by the church, a policy referred to within Scientology as “fair game.”

Kochi: The Ernakulam North police on Tuesday arrested Himaval Bhadrananda on charge of attempting to spread communal hatred.

A former executive of the 
Aum Shinrikyo cult who helped manufacture the sarin gas that killed 13 people and sickened more than 6,000 on the Tokyo subway system in 1995 has published a memoir.

In it, Tomomasa Nakagawa, 54, a former medical doctor and now death-row inmate, reveals the method used by the cult to manufacture the deadly nerve gas and also discusses former Aum leader Shoko Asahara, whom he cared for.

“He was a criminal before (being regarded as) a religious leader in that he transformed a religious organization into a criminal enterprise,” Nakagawa noted about Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto.

Matsumoto, 61, is also on death row.

A woman accused of introducing the electrical cord into a beating that resulted in the death of one teen and severe injury of another was sentenced - along with her son - to state prison time for her involvement in the incident.

The Gold Coast Bulletin:  The making of Charles Manson
IT was the summer of ’69. Blazing-eyed prophet Charles Manson was riding a wave of rising fame with his mesmerising message of free love. But he also held a dark secret.

by Lisa Monroney

No empirical research has been conducted on what works and does not work for ex-cult members transitioning from a cult back into society. Most narratives on the subject deal with people telling stories of their involvement in a cult and the many challenges they face after leaving a cult(s). A number of experts (e.g., therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and ex-cult members) have written about cults (International Cultic Studies Association 2006. I use this wealth of knowledge to help explain what happens to an individual while in a cult and when transitioning out of a cult. Despite the lack of research about ex-cult members transitioning from a cult to society; several sociological theories and related research about newly released prisoners may help to explain the reintegration process. In addition, I interview several ex-cult members to gain a better understanding of what works and does not work when transitioning from a cult back into society. I am interested in this research because I was in a cult several years ago and have experienced the many challenges of transitioning from a cult back into society. I would like to know the challenges that other ex-cult members have had in their transition, in order to discern any commonalities in such a reality breaking experience.

Two towns in Arizona and Utah are rejecting a proposed disbandment of their shared police department as a remedy to a jury verdict that concluded they discriminated against people who weren't members of a polygamous sect.

Instead, lawyers for the Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, said in court papers filed late Monday that they want to restructure the police agency. They proposed offering officers more training in constitutional policing, making them wear body cameras and removing the town manager and council members from the internal-affairs investigations process.

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