Jan 20, 2017

Cult Child

Cult Child
Free today - January 20, 2017!

Free download of "Cult Child" free until midnight tonight.


Angie "Vennie" Kocsis is a writer, poet, artist and nu-folk singer. She draws her inspiration not only from the world around her, but from her unique experiences as an abused child in the 70's and 80's growing up on a religious cult, Sam Fife's "Move of God". After leaving the cult, Vennie went on to study creative writing, art and music, and through these outlets found healing and balance in her adult life. Her passion is centered around supporting creative outlets for survivors of religious abuse by providing them with a tangible way to transfer their pain to a creative medium. Vennie's Books on http://amazon.com "Cult Child" View the book trailer at: http://cultchild.com "Dusted Shelves;memoir of a cult child" "Becoming Gratitude" Vennie resides in Tacoma, WA where she is currently working on her a second novel as well as other varying creative projects. To learn more about Vennie's work visit http://venniekocsis.com

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