Nov 15, 2016

CultNEWS101 Articles (11/16)

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‘Deradicalization’ Programs Face Critical Test in Islamic State Cases

Parents are insisting on doctors who insist on #vaccinations

Tribute to a Spiritual Master

"Some experts have advice on how to avoid being duped.
The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing claims to offer that “miracle cure” for cancer, autism, and more.
But it turns out the “miracle” remedy, which the church refers to as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), is a form of industrial bleach, according to a recent report by ABC News."

"Inscape, a new meditation "brand" from the CEO of Intermix, is both a physical studio and a digital app. And it has big ambitions to scale."

 "A former inmate who practices Satanism has filed a lawsuit alleging that prison employees violated her constitutional rights by confiscating her religious materials and prohibiting her from engaging in rituals with other inmates."

In Beijing, Christianity is permitted to thrive, as long as it does so quietly, but elsewhere in China there has been a crackdown. Last summer, in Zhejiang province — a region with a rich history of missionary activity — crosses were removed from the exteriors of more than 1,000 churches.

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