Nov 20, 2016

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/21/2016

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/21/2016

"The Catholic Church has pledged to double potential compensation payments for child sex abuse survivors to $150,000 but has back-tracked on a promise to publicly release an independent review into its controversial Melbourne response victim compensation scheme."

"Homeopathy is one of the most enduring forms of snake oil available to consumers; it has been duping people since 1814. But the United States government only recently decided to clamp down on these bogus treatments, with a new policy from the Federal Trade Commission."

The Huffington Post
"Conversion therapy is a set of practices that intend to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity to fit heterosexual or cisgender standards and expectations ― and it is usually religiously motivated.
Therapy practices can include methods such as talk therapy, electroshock therapy, treating LGBTQ identity as an addiction issue like drugs or alcohol, and more. While certain therapies, like talk therapy, are also legitimate forms of care for people who experience mental health problems, being gay is, of course, not a mental health disorder."

"A man who was convicted of posing as a Roman Catholic priest and selling bogus trips to see Pope Francis returned to court on Friday after investigators discovered that once out of jail, he resumed trying to pass himself off as a man of the cloth."

"In an exclusive sneak peek at A&E’s upcoming new docu-series, the actress reads aloud “just some of the things” that the Church of Scientology officially released to the press about Remini."

"Drawing on the author’s own experiences, the trilogy follows a young woman caught up in a mysterious cult on a Swedish island which is cut off by fog for six months of the year. The first book in the series has just won the Best Crime Debut at the Specsavers CrimeTime Awards in Sweden."

Daily Mail Online
"The school is run by Lutheran pastor Manuel Acuna, 54, at the Good Shepherd church in Buenos Aires
Students pay $47 a month for his part-time course in the 'Parapsychology, Angelology and Demonology'"
The 35 pupils on the three-year-long courseinclude housewives, lawyers, a writer and an architect

"A Texas woman has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that she had been sexually abused since she was minor by an Albuquerque pastor who serves as a bishop in a large Pentecostal denomination, according to court records."

"A public memorial event for Éloïse Dupuis, a 26-year-old Jehovah's Witness who died six days after giving birth in October, will take place Dec. 3."

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