Nov 29, 2016

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/30/2016


"Ramdev delivered a discourse on yoga to hundreds of people present in the temple. He also urged to stop the sacrifice of animals at the temple and instead sacrifice the ego from one's mind and body."

The city will develop education tools and best practices for intervention of radicalized individuals. It will train experts and monitor social networks and patterns of criminal activities.

"If the deal fructifies, Patanjali's products will be sold by Amazon through its e-commerce portal in nine countries, including the US, UK and Japan, Hindustan Times
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report said."

"A South African pastor spraying his congregation with a pesticide called Doom during a 'healing session' has sparked a wave of outrage on the social media. This self-proclaimed prophet, Lethebo Rabalago, heads a church called Mount of Zion General Assembly in Limpopo province. A member of his congregation had an eye infection and he used the insecticide in an attempt to heal her."

"Where, oh where, has Lyle Jeffs gone? He’s the brother of Warren Jeffs, the autocratic guru of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who is serving a life term in federal prison for sexually assaulting his “child brides.”"

"Only about 64 percent of those raised Mormon continued to adhere to the faith when they entered adulthood, according to the 2014 Pew Religious Landscape Survey. That is six percent less than the numbers in 2007. 
And for those who stay, only about 25-percent of the young, single members are actually active in the faith."

Their communication course was a leader for helping with loss for a reason. It is a very simple course improving one’s focus, patience, and ability to face and communicate with people. Those were the exact tools my personal crisis demanded. Later when I partook in auditing, Scientology’s version of psychotherapy, I had many cathartic or transcending experiences. After I left Scientology, I came to realize [their method] was really a mechanized, directed version of already existing Rogerian person-centered therapy. The “direction” additive speeds the process and adds predictability and certainty. However, it comes at an ultimately self-defeating cost. That mechanization and direction interjects the pollution of control into the process. Before too long one learns to accept control, and because of that fact, over time, he ultimately becomes owned by Scientology. If you read from Rogers’ work, it is chock full of warnings that the worst possible thing one could do with such trust-based counseling is to enter in conditions or control of any sort.


“What was your name? Who were your parents? Were you in Osaka? Switzerland?”
"Part of the problem with growing up in something so secluded as a cult is that our pasts are so unbelievable we need a witness for our own memory. And so we seek out those who remember."

"In a major setback to self- styled religious guru Asaram Bapu, the Supreme Court on Monday refused to grant him relief in connection with two rape cases that had been registered against him."

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