Nov 16, 2016

Prime minister John Key labels Brian Tamaki's homophobic claims 'ridiculous'

November 16, 2016

He's done it again: Controversial Bishop Brian Tamaki says 'the weight of human sin' (read: homosexuality) caused earthquakes.
Prime Minister John Key has called comments made by Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki "ridiculous" after the "bishop" blamed New Zealand's queer community for the recent spate of earthquakes.

In a jeremiad posted to Tamaki's Facebook page on Sunday, before the 7.8 earthquake, he claimed "human sin" -- or homosexual activity -- was responsible for natural disasters.

"Leviticus says that the earth convulses under the weight of certain human sin," he said.

"It spews itself up after a while - that's natural disasters. Because nature was never created to carry the bondage of our inequity."

John Key, speaking to Duncan Garner condemned Tamaki's homophobic comments.

"It's ridiculous, isn't it. I mean, give me a break... you always get people coming out with these stupid statements," Key said.

Instead, Key attributed the earthquakes to New Zealand's geological standing.

New Zealand is a seismically prone country, with a number of very well identified fault lines... it's nothing to do with people's sexuality. I mean, it's just madness."

This is not the first time Tamaki has come under fire for homophobic comments.

A rally combatting marriage equality in 2004, which infamously contained the jeer "enough is enough", drew criticism from within and outside of Christian quarters.

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