Nov 16, 2016

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Germany launches raids across 60 cities, bans radical Islamist group

New idol group formed by cult Happy Science wants to “protect your happiness”

The use and abuse of spooking and phobia

Australian Royal Commission puts Watchtower back under microscope. | JWsurvey

The Catholic Church has a plan to compensate sexual-abuse victims, but many will get nothing

Judge rejects FLDS members' religious freedom claims in food stamp fraud case

An Ohio lawyer hypnotized six female clients and then molested them. Now he’s going to prison.

'The Dead Inside' Details One Woman's Struggle To Survive In A Cult-Like, Abusive Treatment Center For Teens
"Maybe you've heard stories about the notorious Straight, Inc., a drug treatment facility for teens that became the subject of numerous abuse allegations during its 17 years in business. Maybe you've heard the horror stories, but Cyndy Etler lived them. In her young adult memoir, The Dead Inside, out April 1, 2017, Etler details the 16 months she spent behind locked doors at Straight, Inc. — a treatment program called "a concentration camp for throwaway kids" by an official for the American Civil Liberties Union."

How the offshoot of an ancient Hindu practice popularized by the Beatles made its way to Wall Street

Report: North Korea continues to persecute citizens for practicing
"In its annual white paper on North Korea's record on religious freedom, the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights said those caught practicing religions not sanctioned by the state face imprisonment and even death, according to local news service Christian Today."

This Documentary About a Kailua Cult is Causing a Commotion in the Community
"Adocumentary titled Holy Hell: 25 Years Inside a Modern Cultis creating an uproar among Windward O‘ahu residents who learned from the film that the group’s Speedo-wearing leader has been based in Lanikai for several years."

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