Nov 23, 2016

White supremacist leader busted by FBI in murder-for-hire sting

The Rawstory
23 NOV 2016

Neo-Nazis protest at Pomona City Hall in 2011
Neo-Nazis protest at Pomona City Hall in 2011
A founder of a self-proclaimed white supremacist group has been arrested after being caught up in an FBI-led murder-for-hire sting operation.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Adrian Apodaca, also known as “Skitz,” is due in court this week to face several charges, including one related to an FBI sting that involved a bogus murder-for-hire contract.

Apodaca, the 44-year-old founder of a skinhead group called the Vinlander Social Club, had been under investigation by the FBI since this past May. In September, he was invited to meet with FBI agents who posed as “affluent violent members of a criminal organization with white supremacy extremist beliefs.”

The agents offered to pay Apodaca money in exchange for committing various crimes, culminating in an offer of $5,000 to murder a fictional man named “Tony” whom the agents claimed owed them money. He agreed to take the job, and was subsequently arrested by officers on October 28.

If he’s convicted of all charges, he will face life in prison, along with fines of up to $10 million.

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