Nov 2, 2016

Peace conference to be held to propagate religious harmony

By Express News Service
November 2, 2016

HYDERABAD: Islamic Madrasa Board will hold an international peace conference on Exhibition Grounds at Nampally in association with Human Life Awakening Society (HAS) on Saturday.
and will see the coming together of representatives of various religions under one umbrella.

Asserting that communal harmony and social equity are important factors without which peace cannot be maintained across the world, president of Islamic Madrsa Board Moulana Syed Durwesh Mohiuddin said, “Our plan is to propagate peace and religious harmony through the peace conference. Religious hatred and social inequality have been the biggest hurdles in the aim to achieve peace. Social justice is a must. Nobody should feel deprived.”

The key speakers at the event would be Mohiuddin, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living, HAS founder Moulana Syed Abdul Khader, Moulana Hafiz Muzaffar Hussain, president of NGO Fight Against Social Evils (FASE) and Bhaskar Rao, Art of Living.

The interfaith representatives plan to reach out to the masses through media. “We plan to establish a system where cultural exchange between different religious communities is possible. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christains can celebrate festivals of other’s religion. Following the peace conference, we will also visit different schools, colleges and religious institutions to spread our message,” said Mohiuddin.
“If you are honest with your own religion, you do not disturb others,” he added.

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