Sep 25, 2017

ICSA Conversations: Brainwashing: Scientific Concept or Mere Label

International Cultic Studies Association, Inc.
October 27, 2017. 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew (United Methodist)

263 W. 86th St.
New York, NY

Benjamin Zablocki, PhD, Professor of Sociology emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University, has been studying cults, communes, and charisma for more than 50 years. He is the author of The Joyful Community (1971) and Alienation and Charisma (1980), as well as numerous articles on these topics. He is co-editor (with Thomas Robbins) of Misunderstanding Cults: Searching for Objectivity in a Controversial Field, published in 2001 by University of Toronto Press. This book attempts to find a middle ground between the theories of cult apologists and the theories of those fighting cults. He is currently writing a book developing a biopsychosocial theory of charismatic resocialization—sometimes called thought reform or brainwashing. He says about the book: “My goal is to use recent advances in neuropsychology to give the concept of brainwashing something it has never had and sorely lacks: a precise scientific definition.”


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