Sep 12, 2017

Hare Krishna Thing

Hare Krishna Thing
Hare Krishna Thing

So, you’re thinking about giving this Hare Krishna Thing a try?

Perhaps you got a book or visited a temple, it doesn’t matter — before you give it a try, please listen to us first. We’ve been there and done that. And there are plenty of things we strongly feel are so intrinsically damaging to your well-being, to the very sense of who you are, that we’re obliged to warn you by providing you with as much information as possible.

We’re not armchair anti-cultists. We’re normal people from all walks of life who actually did the Hare Krishna Thing. But those days are over. We’ve spent years, in some cases decades, embroiled in the daily ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of the Hare Krishna Thing. Then we spent several more years wresting ourselves free.

We’re no longer part of it because we know what that Hare Krishna Thing is really all about.

We’d like you to know, too.

This sites is intended to get you up to speed. They outline the cult’s beliefs and practices and give a sense of the issues – personal, social, philosophical – you can expect to contend with as a Hare Krishna follower.

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