Sep 24, 2017

Idaho ranks worst in nation for faith healing deaths

Stephanie Hale-Lopez
September 22, 2017

Boise - More children die due to faith-based medical neglect in Idaho than in any other state. Today, advocates for children discussed ways to develop legislation to change that.

Rita Swan, national expert and founder of the group "Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty," also known as "CHILD," was in Boise Friday, Sept. 22. She discussed the Gem State's ranking as the worst in the nation in terms of faith healing deaths.

"Before Idaho had even become a state, the territory enacted a law requiring parents to provide necessary food, clothing, shelter and medical attendance to their child," Swan said.

But religious exemptions were added to the law in 1972.

Swan hopes Idaho legislators will stop talking about the issue and make some real changes to the law in the upcoming session.

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