Sep 5, 2017

Neo-Nazi radicalisation camp held on Sunshine Coast

Rachel Lang
Sunshine Coast Daily
September 5, 2017

AN AUSTRALIAN white power group has hosted a secret "resistance camp" on the Sunshine Coast.

Members of the Antipodean Resistance describe themselves as "the Hitlers you've been waiting for", and appear to have chapters across Australia, including a presence on the Sunshine Coast.

The group is responsible for posting anti-Semitic, anti-Asian, and anti-gay propaganda in cities across the county, and is taking an active stance against the upcoming same sex marriage vote.

In July, the Queensland chapter of the Antipodean Resistance took to Mount Beerburrum to host a radicalisation camp.

The group shared a photograph of its camp on Twitter, showing four members with their hands raised in a Nazi salute with their identities concealed under skull stickers.

"The Queensland lads went on a camping trip on Mount Beerburrum, rounding off a very eventful and successful month for (the Antipodean Resistance)," their Twitter account reads.

According to the group's July 2017 Action Report, Antipodean Resistance members hiked up Mount Beerburrum, had a bite to eat before some "training", and then camped that night in the forest.

"After the hike and views over the Glass House Mountains, we found a camping spot and set up," the report said.

"We then made a campfire, as always using captured enemy propaganda to start it, and sat around it for the night.

"These camping trips will become somewhat of a regular occurrence in the future."

The neo-Nazi group imposes strict requirements on its members: you have to be white and not in a relationship with a non-white as "racial treason is not tolerated".

The group's website describes it as "an organisation of White Men who strive to fulfil their potential, not content with the idea of superiority granted to us by our race, but to live up to our historical greatness through our actions. And that is why we say: being white is not enough."

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