Jan 19, 2018

The Hate Report: The Nazis are coming for your children

Will Carless and Aaron SankinReveal
January 19, 2018

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin admits that he’s trying to target – and brainwash – “pubescents” into believing his views; what happens when racists find out they’re not white; and some good news from Kansas.

“My site is mainly designed to target children – 11 through teenage years, through high school. Middle school through high school.”

What website is being described here? One dedicated to pop music perhaps? Or fashion? Fidget spinners?

Nope. The man keen to reel in your children is Andrew Anglin, founder of The Daily Stormer, a website that spews neo-Nazism and racism on a daily basis. Anglin, who is currently being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his role in releasing a torrent of abuse on a Jewish family, made the statement on a podcast devoted to “common sense extremism.”

(A hat tip to Newsweek reporter Michael Edison Hayden, who flagged the statement this week – somebody has to listen to this stuff, and we’re glad it wasn’t us this time.)

Anglin made the statement during a rambling discussion with fellow neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell (of VICE News fame). He initially tried to temper the statement by equivocating that he was seeking to influence “young adults.” But then he further clarified by saying “pubescents.”

Cantwell and Anglin spent much of the two-hour program discussing how best to reel children into their hateful views – whether by spreading racist memes or using racist humor to introduce kids to ideologies that they will then hold for the rest of their lives.

At one point, after a boy claiming to be 14 years old called in, Cantwell described still feeling a sense of guilt (albeit “Jew-imposed” guilt) when he hears children listen to his show. He asked Anglin if he feels the same.

“No,” Anglin replied.

Far from it, Anglin seems convinced that he is building a new generation of racists who will take over the world one day.

“We have created a movement among the youth that we are not even able to gauge the size of because not every one of them is listening to us,” Anglin crowed toward the end of the show. “But the cool kids are, and they’re spreading that to their friends.”

Bitcoin bites Nazis

All week, one of the main trending topics on Gab, a social media platform popular with the so-called alt-right, has been the fate of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. As we’ve reported, bitcoin is a favorite of some of the country’s neo-Nazis, partly because it is difficult to track and trace, and partly because racists see it as a way to avoid a banking system they say is controlled by Jews.

The big bitcoin news this week was the currency’s meteoric fall in value by about 50 percent. That might be bad news to neo-Nazis like Anglin and his cohort Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, who has been sent more than $1 million in Bitcoin.


When white supremacists discover they aren’t actually white

It isn’t surprising denizens of white supremacist hub Stormfront are fans of genetic testing services like Ancestry.com’s AncestryDNA and 23andMe.

Many of the site’s users place a premium on the purity of their European heritage and appreciate opportunities to prove how pure they really are. However, a recent study by researchers at UCLA found that when those results showed unexpected diversity, users often faced outright rejection from others in the community.

One user wrote:

Hello, got my DNA results and I learned today I am 61% European. I am very proud of my white race and my European roots. I know many of you are “whitter” [sic] than me, I don’t care, our goal is the same. I would like to do anything possible to protect our white race.

Another responded:

I’ve prepared you a drink. It’s 61% pure water. The rest is potassium cyanide. I assume you have no objections to drinking it. (You might need to stir it first since anyone can see at a glance that it isn’t pure water.) Cyanide isn’t water, and YOU are not White.

The study found the community doesn’t base its definitions of whiteness on hair or skin color like it used to, focusing instead on a more scientific definition of genetic heritage.

Simply believing in the cause also is increasingly insufficient for inclusion in the white supremacist movement.

On a related note, the mother of Auernheimer, the webmaster of The Daily Stormer, told Newsweek that he has Jewish heritage on “both sides of his family.”

A style guide for the site leaked to HuffPost late last year urged Daily Stormer writers to blame every social problem imaginable on the Jews.

“The Jews should always be the beginning and end of every problem, from poverty to family dynamics to war to the destruction of the rainforest,” the style guide said.

KKK attacks civil rights leaders’ legacy on MLK weekend

Last Friday, residents of Loudoun County, Virginia, discovered their neighborhood had been peppered with Ku Klux Klan fliers attacking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“On Martin Luther King Day…You Are Honoring a Communist Alcoholic Pervert,” one flier read.

This incident isn’t the first time Klan members in the area have used a holiday to promote their ideology. Last Halloween, the group distributed KKK propaganda inside bags of candy.

GOP congressman invites wife of hate crime victim to State of the Union

As President Donald Trump is increasingly under fire for racist comments, Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder is bringing a victim of hate to the upcoming State of the Union.

Last year, India-born Srinivas Kuchi­bhotla was murdered by a white supremacist in an Olanthe, Kansas, restaurant. His widow, Sunayana Dumala, is heading to the president’s annual address later this month as Yoder’s personal guest.

In the wake of her husband’s death, Dumala faced the threat of deportation because her residency was based on her husband’s status. Yoder intervened, helping her obtain a temporary visa. He’s pushing legislation to end the cap on the total number of immigrants accepted from countries such as India. The cap is a major obstacle to Dumala staying in the country permanently.

“Sunayana is a very powerful symbol of who our immigration system is failing,” Yoder wrote in a recent Facebook post. “One of the reasons I’ve become so passionate about this immigration issue is that we need to send a message to the Indian community and other immigrant groups that we are a loving country that is welcome to all.”


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