Jan 18, 2018

The Origins of the Avatar Course (Part 1 - Interview with Margie - Ex-Scientology/Avatar)

For 12 years, Margie was a model Scientologist. She was a teacher, recruiter and third in command for a period of time at Harry Palmer's Center for Creative Learning in Elmira, formerly the Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology.


In this interview Margie discusses her story, including:
  • Why she got into Scientology.
  • What it was like being a staff member.
  • Her relationship with Harry and Avra.
  • The transition from Scientology and Avatar.
  • What really happened in Elmira; and,
  • Her process in "waking up" and leaving.
Margie's intention is not to harm or slam Harry or Avra. It is to expose her truth, her experiences and to bring to light the true origins of the Avatar Course.

52:07 - my reference to personal responsibility from memory was that "everything" came back to us and we were to take responsibility for everything, even the way we perceived another and their actions (i.e Harry's actions).
55:30 - my point here is that Avatar Masters rarely make money for partaking in Internships and courses. I saw very few bring students and even then this paid for their fees. Also, note it was not just hidden agendas, transgressions, etc but it was also thrown back to the students as being something they were "creating" or it "simply was not in their domain" which meant they were not recruiting students.

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