Jan 26, 2018

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/26/2018

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"When Pope Francis arrives in Chile's capital Monday, he will find a weakened Roman Catholic Church. As in many Latin American countries, the church in Chile has been losing followers to both evangelical faiths and increasing secularism. The shift has been exacerbated by a priest sex abuse scandal, and many Chileans are put off by the church's influence in keeping tight restrictions in social matters like marriage and abortion."

"Leicestershire Police posted the warning message on the Belgrave Community Facebook page."

"The warning says: "Belgrave and Rushey Mead police are alerting residents to be aware of bogus faith or spiritual healers."

"Please remind family and friends, especially those who may be suffering from stress or worry, not to be drawn into handing over large amounts of money for these 'services'."

"Police have said that such bogus healers usually target vulnerable people."

"Galloway typically found new recruits through websites like Stormfront, which act as gateways into the movement, he told us in an interview. Galloway would study their posting behavior and invite them into a private forum exclusively for his group. From there, he could arrange to meet a new recruit in person."

"These meetings, which would usually happen in public settings with a group of members, were largely about seeing what the new recruit could bring to the organization. Galloway wanted to find out things like if they were physically tough, knew how to build websites or were especially knowledgeable about a particular white supremacist ideology."

"Now Miscavige's father, Ron, has written a book about his life inside the church, titled "Ruthless." Ron describes David as a dictator, the leader of a "cult" who suppresses any dissent, keeps his flock in poverty, and suggests that he may be a sociopath."

"In 2012, Ron and his wife secretly loaded up their car, dodged Scientology's security guards, and fled Gold Base, never to return. He has not seen his son — or any of the other members of his family still inside the church — since. In 2013, Ron discovered he had been followed for over a year by two heavily armed private investigators. They told police they were paid by Scientology to keep tabs on Ron. The church denies their claims."

"Former Amish bishop Samuel Mullet Sr. filed an appeal [January 12th] against his 2012 conviction for the hate crime of forcibly chopping off the hair and beards of those who opposed his breakaway Amish sect within his community, according to the Associated Press. Mullet argued in his appeal that Assistant Federal Public Defender Ed Bryan made a series of errors, to which Bryan admitted in an included affidavit, that affected the outcome of Mullet's trial."

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