Jan 12, 2018

University Bible Fellowship (UBF): Press Releases of ex-members

Brian Karcher, an ex-member, published a book in 2015 that documents and explains how UBF operates. https://www.amazon.com/Identity-Snatchers-Exposing-Korean-Campus-ebook/dp/B014YT4ULC 

Here is a huge list compilation of press releases of UBF ex-members.

Tom Brown's story got feature in Ronald Enroth's book called Churches that Abuse:

Jon Berryman's story on a newspaper press release:http://ubfriends.net/regarding-city-evangelism-church-chicago-ubf-chapter/

A blog of newspaper press releases on Winnipeg UBF that were made in the 1980's and early 1990s: https://winnipegubf.blogspot.com/

John Wick's story on two newspaper press releases in the early 1990s. (Sidenote: he is current a counselor at the Wellsprings Retreat and Resource Center.):http://ubfriends.net/columbus-ubf-man-says-he-was-deceived-into-joining-religious-cult/

In 1997 there was a TV broadcast on Triton UBF (in Chicago): http://ubfriends.net/trition-ubf-teddy-hembekides-secret/

In 2000 and 2001 there were several media reports on Korea UBF documenting a major split in the organization:

In the early 2000's and 2010's there were several media reports on Bonn UBF (in Germany)

In 2003 there was a media report  by request of Amy Young, an ex-member: https://wwrn.org/articles/4579/

In 2005 there were two media reports. One in Columbus, Ohio and the other in Toledo Ohio:

Press release documents of Cologne/Koln UBF (in Germany in the late 80s early 90s: http://www.ezw-berlin.de/html/suche.php?query=ubf&cat=Publikationen

There is one newspaper clip in the 1980s on Bon UBF (in Germany): http://ubfriends.net/bonn-ubf-studentenwerk-bonn-warnete-vor-ubf-original-german/

In 2016 there was a press release on Canada UBF in Victoria, Canada:http://www.martlet.ca/student-club-connected-to-an-organization-accused-of-cult-like-activities/

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