Feb 26, 2018

CEE in association with Maharishi University of Management conducted workshops

India Educational Diary
February 27, 2018

New Delhi: CEE is association with Maharishi University of management (IOWA) conducted workshops for the teachers and students of academic institutions to guide and help the students of board classes to reduce the stress of exams which is the need of the hour.

The teachers were guided about how they can create stress free atmosphere and motivate the students to perform better in their board exams during these days. The students were given certain guide lines to follow so that at the last moment their learning power is in proved with any psychological and social pressure

CEE has planned a series of such sessions for students of Government and private schools which can reduce the social issues of the society. Social abuses are becoming the serious problem which is spreading among the young teenagers like a fire. Keeping these problems in mind CEE has taken the initiative to guide and educate the educational institutions to create a healthy atmosphere and make this initiative a big move with the help of the Government.

The key Trainers of session were Dr. Ashley Deens and Mr. James who carries International experiences from the top a related universities (MIT/ Havard etc), MS Shruti Arora the president of CEE is confident that there sessions would have help in the phase and will ensure the reduction of social and psychological pressure on students.


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