Feb 3, 2018

Exposing "Midbrain activation" Scam: Dr.Narendra Nayak

Many fraudulent companies have sprung up in various parts of India, claiming that they can "increase the brain power" of children , or make them "geniuses" through a 'course' in which they would "activate the midbrain " of children. The proof of children's midbrain being "activated', they claim, is their ability to see when wearing blindfolds. Gullible parents who fall for this propaganda end up paying amounts as high as Rs.25000 per child!

Dr. Narendra Nayak , President of FIRA (Federation of Indian Rationalist associations) has been campaigning against this scam for some time now. On a public demonstration held at Kozhikode ( Calicut), Kerala on 19th April 2015 , he convincingly demonstrated that the 'blindfolded reading' is just a trick that can be taught to children in no time, and this has nothing to do with "midbrain activation". 

Dr.Narendra Nayak


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