Oct 18, 2015

Nathan Ames' open letter to fellow Word of Life church members

Patrick Lohmann 
October 16, 2015

Former Word of Life church member Nathan Ames wrote the following letter to fellow former members in hope they would come forward, as he did, to share their experiences. It has been lightly edited for grammar, punctuation and formatting.

"Dear, Pat, (Syracuse.com reporter Patrick Lohmann)

As a former member of Word of life Christian Church of Chadwicks NY (WLCCC), I would like to clear some rumors up. I attended there from the time I was born till the age of 12 to 13. The WLCCC is not associated with the Word of Life Fellowship Inc. founded by Jack Wyrtzen. The WLCCC started out as a good, God fearing Pentecostal Church and was rapidly growing. Great things were happening, miracles, prophecy, and people getting set free. There was no beating and or molestation going on at WLCCC.

Jerry Irwin eventually became angry for unjustifiable reasons and removed the pastor from his position and proclaimed himself as "Pastor". Many left after realizing that he was a narcissistic psychopath. The few that stayed were slowly lied to and manipulated into believing Jerry was called from God to "Control" there lives. Filling their minds with outlandish stories that were for the most part fabricated.

Over a period of time Jerry became feared by his congregation by inflicting his wrath upon them, to the point of calling their name on the pulpit and say they were in sin and had not repented. After someone "repented of their sin" Jerry would make it a point that they were not sorry and it was all a ploy to get back on his good side. There was not forgiveness and that is how he held his place over them. He would intimidate people by coming over to the house and yelling, if they did not see it his way. He only liked obedient and submissive people that did whatever he wanted them to do without question or dubiousness.

After someone left the church he would then fabricate stories on the pulpit about that person and why they left and that they were on their way to hell, if they didn't repent. Lies started about my family and eventually we left. Jerry would single me out in church and make sure every one realized how much of a "rebellious" child I was, because of my hyper, intense, and forthright personality. "Spiritual Cannibalism" is the only phrase that I can come up with to provide how he was. After we left we were stalked on Facebook and lies about our family were spread to the congregation and our family.

Jerry eventually died of a stroke and left his children, Tiffanie, Daniel, and Joseph in charge, with their Mother Tracy as a guide. Jerry's children took the church to a whole new demonic level. With more control and randomized yelling and demeaning on the very few church members that were involved. Eventually beating and the brutal murder of a 19 year old young man and severely injuring his 17 year old brother because of "sin" that the Irwins thought the boys have. Because they thought they were God, they believed they could do anything to their members and have no repercussions.

We should all be praying for them and interceding that they see and hear the one true God, and that they truly repent for there sins. Forgiveness does not mean that they will not pay for their sin here on earth, it means that we release them to the Lord Jesus and ask Him to look softly on their ignorance. I do not condone their actions nor the churches existence. My deepest condolences to the family who lost a dear loved one. I would ask that anyone who has not come forward to the investigation, too please come forward and talk to them and help so they have a strong case against the Irwins. If you would like to ask me any more question call me at (redacted).

Thank you and God Bless,
Nathan Ames


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