Oct 22, 2015

Internal Revenue crucial wins lawsuit against Scientology

October 22, 2015

The tax authorities booked a victory on the Church of Scientology in a long-running battle over whether these should be a public utility.

This emerged yesterday in a rare critical judgment of the Court in The Hague.

Ecclesiastical and religious institutions have traditionally assumed that they focus entirely on the public interest. They do for that reason to pay taxes on gifts and donations they receive.

Tax for particle

The Church of Scientology, a controversial religious community with roots in America, wanted to take advantage of that tax for particle but got the brush-off. The "church" then pulled out all the stops to still get her right to justice.

Discrimination obstacle to her freedom of religion. The Supreme Court, however, sent the case back to the Court for an extensive study in accounting. It now appears that Church of Scientology "considerable and fixed rates" for auditing and training "in prevailing degree of commercial nature".

Hourly rate: € 520

By average hourly rate of € 520 asking for courses with names like "purification rundown" would have created a "fairly substantial power."

Moreover, by "the essentials of the concepts of donation or gift none have been proven. Nor contributions to capacity. "

A comparison with Buddhist and Jewish foundations that have gained the coveted ANBI status, but not out business, can thus detriment of Scientology Church in the trash. The "church" felt particularly self 'aversion to her, "it appears from the judgment.



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