Oct 22, 2015

Final victory for Mr. Touru Goto

Touru Goto
October 1, 2015

TOKYO, 01.10.2015 (FOREF) – Japan’s Supreme Court has handed Touru Goto final victory in his civil case stemming from his 12 year and 7 month confinement by faith breakers. Japan’s Supreme Court on September 29 dismissed appeals by the defendants in the case and let stand a previous verdict by Tokyo High Court. This ended Mr. Goto’s 7-year legal battle to receive justice. Mr. Goto released the following statement.

I am sincerely grateful that the civil verdict in my favor has been finalized, and I want to thank everyone who supported me. Following my release from confinement on February 10, 2008, I fought a total of seven years in both the criminal and civil routes. This was not just a personal fight. I also fought with the thought that I was representing the 4,300 victims of abduction and confinement during the past 50 years.

By the finalization of this verdict, the unlawful actions by Christian ministers known as ‘opposing ministers’ and deprogrammers who received money in return for their exit persuasion efforts who had until now escaped legal accountability were condemned.

Also, it is important that the courts have stated clearly that exit persuasion involving physical confinement, even by family members, is unlawful and can never be permitted.

Perhaps influenced in part by the current case, there have only been two incidents of abduction and confinement during the past year (or perhaps I should say there have been as many as two). Also, we have seen that members, when confined, strongly protested and resisted and were soon released by their families. This is something that we had not seen previously. Such developments give us hope that abduction, confinement and forced conversion is coming to and end.

At the same time, I want you to know about Masato Ishibashi, who has been missing for 1 year and 9 months since January last year and is presumed to be confined. Please refer to this website for details on his situation. We must secure the release of Ishibashi-san as soon as possible. Please continue to give us your interest and support as we work to root out abduction, confinement and forced conversion

Touru Goto
President, National Association of Victims of Abduction, Confinement and Forced Conversion


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