Oct 31, 2015

With promise of "rapture" cult spreads in Honduras

La Tribuna
October 27, 2015

Under the false promise of being taken by Jesus Christ to the Kingdom of Heaven, the day of the "rapture", the sect Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and has followers in La Ceiba, Atlantida; in Tulián Rios, Cortés; and La Ermita, Talanga, as reported by residents of these congregations Christian witnesses.

In Nicaragua, the organization has over 600 members and has been linked to a massacre in which expired four policemen and three civilians, in the community of Ayapal, Jinotega, which occurred in December 2013.

Faced with the danger of "capture" sheep to his flock in Honduras, TRIBUNE consulted with some Nicaraguan Christian pastors how to operate that sect in the country.

Pastor Nilson Martinez recalled that the Nicaraguan media, then, reported the death of "four policemen and three civilians; there were different forms of attack, I think with knives and guns. "

How many members has this sect in Nicaragua? He was consulted Pastor Martinez, who said that "in this group there is a range of 600 to 1,000 people, between that range is; they are in a sea area near the sea, on the island of Venice. "

Religious recommended Hondurans be alert to the preaching of such organizations as "a person who confesses truly a Christian faith, its base and its foundation is writing ...".


How make it clear to the unwary that these sects preach true faith ?, he asked the Nicaraguan pastor, Pedro Jose Montiel, who warned that "you can see, we have a Bible, but we have thousands of religious sects".

"Today there are many sects that rise can use the Bible but his teachings are unbiblical," Montiel said. For that matter, the sect in question ensures that the rapture will occur on the island of Venezia, in Nicaragua.

The sect Mystical Body of Christ is already in three Honduran cities and has more than 600 members in Nicaragua.

The pastor said that there is no biblical basis to ensure the exact place where the rapture will occur, "there is no scripture in the Bible that centralizes us where is the Rapture, as the lessons that are being handled there in Nicaragua our country".

"... Actually that's something hurtful, because it is unbiblical, and many religious sects that have come today, which have their legal status, have many anti-biblical things that are not based in the scriptures."

The religious leader said that in Nicaragua the sect Mystical Body of Christ is called "the sect of William Branham," which hurt the Christians, because this character was a true man of God, that "things never taught were unbiblical "let alone urged anyone to sell their properties under the excuse that soon would be the day of the rapture.

On abnormal practices of this sect in Nicaragua, the religious said that his country "is heard that some have sold their properties and have taken the money to person X, the leader they have, which is what really should on the news, he called Javier Sanchez, did has he said? I do not know, because I have not been with him to listen, or do you have them ?, consists not me ".

Meanwhile, a Honduran Christian, declined to be named, he said that the sect began operating in Honduras five years ago, and its leader Francisco Javier Sanchez.

"Your strength is not doctrinal he is Jesus Christ, God Himself, but say they are immortal, and that's what they offer, immortality. He associated with his doctrine clergyman William M. Branham, who died in 1965, but this was a true Christian, a man of God. "

He recalled that this group came to Honduras "with the Orellana family; Ivan Orellana is the leader, this man was responsible for buying the food of the sect, in Nicaragua, and gave the high life with money from the poor people. "

The respondent reported that the wife of Ivan Orellana, called Dulce Orellana, killed in La Ceiba, "and Javier came and kept unburied for 72 hours, because she said she would rise, but the police came to order to be buried. "

He added that another member of the sect in Honduras is the Nicaraguan Gerald Wells, who "is composer of evocative music, send subliminal messages through music", with which manages to dominate to the ordinary people, without higher educational level.

"This sect is a group in Tulián Rios in Cortés; La Ermita, Talanga; and another in La Ceiba, Atlantida, "he said.


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