Oct 26, 2015

Here’s the ‘application’ an FLDS school told girls to fill out

Nate Carlisle
Salt Lake Tribune
October 26 2015

 ‘application’ an FLDS school

Are you a girl in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints applying for the job of mother?

Have you learned to put the priesthood first?

Have you acquired heavenly smiles? How about unshakable sweetness?

Those are all questions on a class exercise given to seventh grade girls in the FLDS, according to Jessica Rohbock.

Rohbock posted the pseudo job application this month on her blog. She said a friend sent it to her. Rohbock says the application was part of a business class.

The assignment wasn't given to boys. The application articulates what's expected of girls and women.

The application is filled with FLDS parlance, including a heading telling the girls, "YOU MUST BE TRAINED IN THE CELESTIAL WAYS."

The FLDS removed their children from public schools years ago in favor of a sort of centralized homeschooling. On Rohbock's blog, in which she publishes her journals from growing up as a teenage girl in the FLDS and adds a present-day perspective, she describes the curriculum as "censored and developed by FLDS leaders."

Schooling for Rohbock stopped at the ninth grade.


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