Oct 31, 2015

Vapostori bay for Messenger of Court’s blood

News Day
October 31, 2015

Vadzidzi vaJesu
Vadzidzi vaJesu members were joined by others from neighbouring co-operatives, who were accusing politicians of using them to settle factional political differences.

“The Messenger of Court came here today (Thursday) intending to evict our chair Nicholas Mutume and myself as the secretary of Vadzidzi vaJesu,” Langton Mugeji said.

He said when about 10 officials from the Messenger of Court began removing his goods, scores of people started baying for their blood and they quickly had to run for their dear lives.

Mugeji accused a housing scheme which broke away from the Harare South Housing Association apex board to join the Harare South Housing Union for pushing a “vindictive” agenda of evictions and demolitions through Tanganyika Housing Co-operative. When NewsDay visited the area on Thursday, rival groups who were double-allocated stands could be seen pushing and shoving each other claiming ownership to the land.

Observe Beyi from Humble Housing Co-operative said: “Those taking advantage of poor people like us must face justice. It’s been six months now since the evictions started, but whenever we try to put forward our grievances, no one seems to care. Government officials should be investigated.”

Patience Chayambuka from Vadzidzi vaJesu Housing Co-operative said the situation could degenerate into open warfare.

“It’s all about political struggles, but I don’t see why my lifetime investment will be razed down like this. I’m tired of corrupt politicians and government officials who do not stop at anything as long as they line their pockets. It’s game on and the fight is just starting. No one will come to my place and leave a happy person,” she said.

Shingai Mlambo said she has been living in the open for six months after her dwellings were demolished.

“My stand was given to another person from another co-operative. My house was destroyed and I cannot afford to build another one at the moment. My property is in the open where I live with my children. Imagine what will happen now that the rainy season has arrived. It’s so painful.”


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