Oct 24, 2015

Colorado City rally to bring attention to alleged corruption in local governmen

October 23, 2015


(KUTV) The polygamist cities of Hildale and Colorado City are not strangers to controversy within the walls of their local government. To end that, activists and former FLDS church members are organizing a rally.

The hope is that this rally brings more attention to what some former church members call "corruption" within the local government and law enforcement.

John Nielsen, a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, says it's about time something is being done.

"Twenty years ago it was a fun town," said Nielsen. But now to him the towns he once knew are unrecognizable.

"With growth, change of leadership, things changed."

Nielsen said when Warren Jeff's, former President of the FLDS church, took over, he established a tight grip on local law enforcement.

"If you have the law book and the bible, they're definitely reading far too much out of the bible," said Nielsen.

To put a stop to this control, a rally has been organized.

"This is an historic rally, nothing like this has happened before," said rally organizer, Lindsey Hansen Park, who is not from the twin cities. She's an outsider that's been looking in for a long time.

"The main focus of the rally is for people, local citizens to feel courage to raise their voices," said Park. "I've been down there, I've been harassed by members of the community. I know I don't have protection from law enforcement."

In response to the local police department and rumors that surround its ethics, Nielsen said in order to feel safe in a community, you need a group of people you can rely on.

"That should be the police."

Even though Park comes from a different background, she feels something has to be done because for decades, this community has been silenced by its leadership.

"They're afraid to speak out. They're afraid to act out," said Park. "There needs to be a separation of church and state."

Park believes the Twin Cities rally on Saturday will gather at least 200 people and the purpose is to call on state and local leaders to re-examine the current laws and procedures in order to help residents take their cities back.

"These people need us, need Utahans to stand with them."

Park and other rally organizers, Terrill Musser and Whitney Moulton, said if people are interested in joining this rally, they ask you to meet at 6:30 p.m. near 75 Central Street, Colorado City, AZ in the parking lot of the strip mall, north of the hardware store in town.

Posters and signs are welcome at the rally and click here to see the Facebook page for this rally.


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