Oct 18, 2015

NXIVM Officials Exposed In Computer Hacking Court Case

Blake Ford Hall
Hacked News
October 18, 2015

A former member of the secret NXIVM corporation has exposed internal computer hacking.

Recent court documents state that officials within the company hacked the computer of the late Edgar M. Bronfman Sr. According to court documents Bronfman’s daughter, Clare W. Bronfman implanted the key-stroke logger virus onto her father’s computer. The virus allowed officials within NXIVM to covertly monitor Edgar M. Bronfman’s email communications with clients, business associates and world leaders, including US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Claire W. Bronfman is the 36 year old heiress to the extensive Seagram Company business holdings. She a horse ranch owner and the self -described NXIVM operations director. At the time of this article, she had not responded to the press with any comments. The virus allegedly implanted on her father’s computer monitored all his communications for about a year.

Kristin Keeffe is the former NXIVM member making the allegations. She had stated that NXIVM officials engaged in various types of computer hacking and also plotted to have adversarial opponents of the corporation lured to Mexico, where they would be imprisoned. Keeffe parted ways from NXIVM in February 2014, but was known to have been tied to the corporate inner circle with Keith Raniere, NXIVM’s original founder.

Keeffe left attempting to help with the cult deprogramming of Nancy L. Salzman, the former NXIVM president.

In the telephone transcript, Kristin Keeffe is quoted as saying the following :

“In the three and a half years leading up to where I left, I was a spy. And I went to great lengths to make them think I was going along with things with the exception of trying to deprogram Nancy and a couple of other people that l was close to that were not close to Keith.”

The transcript makes a variety of allegations, that are being scoffed at by attorney for NXVIM, Stephen R. Coffrey, who said this about the telephone transcript.

“As to the allegations contained in the self-serving submissions of an indicted defendant, we do not intend to comment on something that purports to be an certified transcript of a staged conversation.”
All accusations made by Kristin Keeffe are backed up by a telephone transcript and encrypted emails from March 2015. It the complete conversation between  Keeffe and Barbara J. Bouchey, a former NXIVM board member that left the company in 2009.

Bouchey is currently fighting criminal charges, alleging her co-conspiring with three other individuals that gained unauthorized access to the NXIVM corporate website. Bouchney claims that NXIVM has her named in 13 other lawsuits, including filing criminal complaints against her, as retribution for leaving the organization in 2009.

All this is made more confusing with the cult-like reputation of the NXVIM corporation, which promotes a kind of humanitarian awareness power structure. The organization utilized a program of training called ESP, or Executive Success Program and has sued cult deprogramming expert Rick Ross for his involvement with the corporation.

Apparently the NXIVM is a hodge-podge mix of Scientology and Landmark / EST marketing cults.


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