Oct 19, 2015

Krishna Theme Park in Braj :: Fossilizing a Living Tradition?

Vrindavan Today
October 19, 2015

Krishna theme park
Krishna theme park

Raghav Mittal (VT): When one falls short of creative imagination, one often resorts to phony simplifications just to gain quick brownie points in the circles you roam. Creating a Krishna theme park in the midst of Braja’s living tradition would be tantamount to prematurely fossilizing it in the hands of consumerist forces.

If a dollar hungry spiritualopreneur had made this proposal, it would have been cast aside as a misappropriated exercise in tune with the gigantic spiritual malls coming up on the Chhatikara – Vrindavan Road.

But such a bid from the sitting MP of a ruling political party being led by a well meaning leader of eminence with a deep footing in Indian traditions, simply showcases their intellectual bankruptcy and exposes the political ills of paratrooping a danseuse from the tinsel town to take care of the aspirations of a zone that has been defining Indian identity for ages.

Braj, the land of Sri Krishna, still harbors and lives through the ethos and traditions of prosperity, not just on the material plane but interestingly on the emotional and spiritual plane as well whose sanctity was so mercilessly abrogated during the bygone Sri Krishna Mahotsav.

When the insignia of Sri Krishna are presented across the sacred zone of Braj, what purpose would be achieved by creating yet another super-structure, whatsoever you may call it?

Instead of putting her influence and charms to create a further build-up and align with forces that are working for the all round development of the region from first principles, the imported Member Parliament has somewhere fallen into the trap of a coterie of vested ignorant interests, which has confused her about her priorities.

If the sitting MP had taken up, for example, the cause of the 137 Sacred Groves of Braj, she would have catapulted her status to that of a real ambassador of Braj.

The land of Braj is a theme park in itself.  It should be envisioned in a way that highlights how it is a stupendous cultural zone of India.  With over 150 heritage villages and over 750 sites of importance, it would be pertinent on the part of the elected parliamentarian to expand her horizons and set out the tone and tenor of Braj resurrection in the right direction.


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