Oct 10, 2015

MLM Watch

MLM Watch
MLM Watch Mission Statement

MLM Watch is a project of Quackwatch, a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. Founded by Dr. Stephen Barrett in 1969 as the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud, it assumed its current name in 1997 and has developed a worldwide network of volunteers and expert advisors. Our primary focus is on information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere. Our activities related to this site will include:
  • Analysis of health claims made for multilevel products
  • Pinpointing the risks involved in becoming a multilevel distributor
  • Warning about inappropriate claims
  • Reporting illegal claims for products to regulatory agencies
  • Keeping abreast of legal and regulatory developments
  • Helping people seek legal redress against MLM abuses.

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