Oct 12, 2015


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October 9, 2015

Nicole Kidman, now 48-years-old and happily married to Keith Urban, reflected on her first marriage at the Women In the World Summit in London on Thursday and what it meant that she spent that time in her life actually running from her life. Just as Ms. Kidman split from then-husband Tom Cruise, success came to Nicole in waves. The release of such hits as Moulin Rouge! and The Hours propelled Ms. Kidman’s fame, all while she was coping with divorce, single parenting, and escaping the influence’s of Cruise’s Scientology connections.

Nicole Kidman Found Coping With Success Almost As Daunting As Coping With Divorce

The Hours earned Nicole her first Oscar and, even without that achievement, Ms. Kidman had an ever-mounting string of successes that really launched her career, but, as Ms. Kidman told E! News, she was running from her success, and was as awestruck as a deer caught in the headlights. It’s almost ironic that Nicole used her work and her love for acting to escape the attention stirred by that work.

“I wasn’t able to handle the reality of my life and as an actor, you have this wonderful thing where you can go and get lost in somebody else’s life and become somebody else for a period of time. And when I look back on it, I really see that. Out of that came work that sort of was applauded and so that was an interesting thing for me.”

In an earlier interview, also with E! News, Nicole was confronted by assertions made by the Scientology documentary, Going Clear, that her marriage to Tom Cruise was sabotaged by Cruise’s belief in Scientology. Ms. Kidman would neither confirm or deny such allegations, but she did reveal why she has chosen to remain silent about Scientology through so many years.

“I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists—Connor (17) and Isabella (20) — and I utterly respect their beliefs.”

Kidman also spoke about her provocative role in 2012’s The Paperboy and one scene in particular that involved Kidman urinating on the chest of Zac Efron, after the actor’s character had been stung by a jellyfish. Nicole confessed to feeling a bit surprised by public reaction to the scene, which Ms. Kidman herself found no more disturbing than any scene involving sexuality.

“I just don’t find urination shocking,” Kidman noted. “I think I peed in the beginning of Eyes Wide Shut, too. But then, I don’t find a lot of things shocking! Violence is a lot more shocking than sex—sex is primal.”

Nicole also remarked that she felt more timid, more embarrassed by singing in Moulin Rouge! than she did in performing that urination scene, or any of the sexually explicit scenes in The Paperboy.

Nicole Kidman Supports Bella Cruise In Spite Of The Secret Elopement

News that Bella Cruise had married without the knowledge of parents Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman prompted more speculation about the relationship between Bella and her parents, but Ms. Kidman told People magazine that she and ex-husband Tom Cruise have always been supportive of their adopted daughter’s decisions.

Ms. Kidman gave some rare insight about her first pregnancy and the ensuing miscarriage, which precipitated the adoption of Isabella Cruise. Nicole revealed her vulnerability as a mother, when she said that Bella was her daughter, whether by blood or not, and that her love for her daughter has always been unconditional.

Professionally, Bella Cruise has been working toward realizing her dream of becoming a professional make-up artist. Ms. Cruise is a recent graduate of West London’s Delmar Academy of Make-up and Hair.


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