Oct 18, 2015

Tom Cruise Leaves Scientology, Reconnects With Katie Holmes; Worried Of Leah Remini's Tell-All Book

Claire V.
October 17, 2015
Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
Tom Cruise is reportedly thinking of leaving the Church of Scientology following Leah Remini's tell all book, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." The controversial book is set to expose how the church "abuse" its members and ruin relationships.

As reported by Mirror, Remini's book will reveal "Scientology's ruthless indoctrination." The "Kings of Queens" star added that she needed people to see what is truly happening behind closed doors. She said that she needed to make a public statement to air her side.

Remini explained that she lost her friends when she decided to leave the church because of its disconnection policy, which prohibits current members to get in touch with former members.

Remini shared that she got involved with Scientology at a very young age. She, together with her family, however, soon felt that they "could no longer be affiliated with the organization" and decided to leave.

According to the publication, a spokesperson from the church claimed that Remini was just "obsessed" with fame and was using her former religion as an attempt to gain famous and get sympathy.

Speaking to In Touch, via Radar Online, Cruise is reportedly "frightened" about the tell all. It was said that Remini knew about the church's dirty laundry and is not afraid to reveal them all to the public.

Multiple reports suggest that the actor is worried about how her confession will affect his career. They held that Cruise was thinking of leaving the church to save face and even reunite with ex-wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri.
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