Oct 12, 2015

Travel through time with a mult-sensory tour of the 20th century

London 24
October 24, 2015

If you love cocktails, art and history, you can immerse yourselves in all three in an event that showcases the tastes, sounds, sights and even smells of the twentieth century at The Apartment in The Hoxton Hotel.

In The Century, you be whisked through a decade an hour from 1900 to the second millenium, with experts on hand to guide you through each period.

The first event, on Saturday November 7, will cover the years up to 1959. Highlights include the 1900s, when the Science Museum’s inventor-in-residence Mark Chapkins will show you the technologu that ushered in a brave new century - flight, radio, escalators and cinema with sound. Then Dr Pam Cox will explore how the department store liberated women - and explain what shopping had to do with the Wizard of Oz...

There’s also a look at Los Angeles in the 1940s, with the author of Sex and Buildings, Richard J Williams, who explains how the city’s development led to alienation and vice. The Times drinks columnist Alice Lascelles will get you quaffing three cocktails that tell stories of LA noir.

That;s not forget a look at The Rite of Spring, the 1910s ballet that was so shocking it caused riots, or an exploration of 1930s ocean liners that were literally floating Art Deco palaces.

The second whistlestop tour of the past takes place on Saturday November 14, and the whistlestop tour kicks off with a talk from a real-life Mad Man. A major-league ad exec will explain how advertising moulded the modern American man, followed by a stinky trip down the 1960s hippy trail.

The day takes a dark turn with a look at 1970s cults, before lightening up when Britain’s leading forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes explains the body language behind 1980s mega soaps Dynasty and Dallas, and you’re treated to taste of the haute restaurant scene with a food historian. The Century is brought to a close by a Millenium Eve party.

Expect to be inspired by the sight and sounds of the literature and music that influenced generations, have tastebuds tantalised by the food & drink that they cnsumed and olfactories allured by the smells of the perfumes that they wore.

Tickets are available for one decade (one hour), two decades (two hours) or fifty years (half a day) and are available from Salon London.

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