Oct 13, 2019

There's a Body Count to Magical Thinking

Season Four, Episode Ten
October 9, 2019
72 minutes

Kernan Coleman became an activist and critical thinking advocate after losing loved ones who denied the existence of HIV though they were effected. He shares his encounters with celebrities and their belief systems, and how growing up agnostic affected his skepticism as he navigated the world of entertainment. Kernan brings a vivid language to his perspective on anti-vax culture, and discusses other uses of mysticism that can cloud critical thinking and cause people to act on myths. He advises everyone to steer themselves away from 'grief vampires' that offer false but convenient information to people who have suffered a loss and are searching for answers. Kernan's evolution from 'science geek kid', to credulous new ager, to becoming an advocate for critical thinking and scientific skepticism- is a work in progress. Rachel gives an update on Alan and Dee from storytelling episode, 'Home Invasion'.

Stay tuned, Before You Go: Rachel lists some of the 'new agery' myths that can be used to play to the needs of followers to an organization or individual.

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