Oct 13, 2019

What Is A Cult and How Does It Work?

Margaret Singer
International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)
October 12, 2014

Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and emeritus adjunct professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who counseled and interviewed more than 3,000 current and former cult members, relatives and friends.

  • What is a Cult and How Does it Work?
  • What are cults?  
  • How do cults operate?  
  • How many people are involved in cults?  
  • What are cult leaders' goals and methods?  
  • How do cults recruit?  
  • What is thought reform?  
  • Inside the group.  
  • Development of a cult. 
  • Pseudoidentity.  
  • Returning to the outside world.

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