Oct 3, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 10/3/2019

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ICSA Event: Sexual Abuse of Children and Adults in Religious Organizations

This session will provide an overview of the Intervention 101 approach designed to help families and friends understand and effectively respond to the complexity of a loved one's cult involvement.

We will explore:
  • World views.
  • How do people adopt a worldview?
  • Understand the other person's worldview, if you want to communicate effectively.
  • Strategies to enhance communication and influence positively a loved one affected by a group.
When: November 1, 2019 (3:00 – 4:30)

ICSA Event: Sexual Abuse of Children and Adults in Religious Organizations 

Twenty-two percent of American adults have consulted a psychic or medium. One third believe they have had a psychic experience. Nearly half of women and a third of men have felt the presence of a spirit. Over twenty percent of American adults believe that a psychic can see into the future and contact the dead. We will explore activities and tools that psychics use to influence and foster dependence on their psychic powers.

We will discuss how people are fooled. We will examine the potential impact of questionable psychic influence on the mental and emotional health of people who are involved and consider what educators and caregivers can do to implement possible prevention and intervention strategies.  

When: November 2, 2019 (9:00 – 10:30)

"Hundreds of billboards presenting distressing images and messages about the dangers of prescription drug use by children appeared seemingly overnight along LA's busy streets last month.

"As far as we know, no parent ever overdosed on too much drug information," one billboard read.

"Something's wrong when an anti-suicide drug comes with an increased risk of suicide," read another.

The warnings aimed at parents were accompanied by vibrant illustrations showing a child trapped inside an orange pill bottle, tiny hands grasping for medication, and an infant nursing a prescription instead of milk, striking a similar tone to campaigns promoting anti-vaccine misinformation and stoking fears, one public health researcher told BuzzFeed News.

Know More About Drugs, the group behind the billboards and a slick social media campaign, bills itself as an "alliance of doctors, parents & child advocates who believe parents have the right to be given factual info about prescribed psychotropic drug risks." But while the ads take a public service tone, and the group's website links to the Food and Drug Administration's database on medication side effects, BuzzFeed News has learned the campaign is fully funded by a celebrity Scientologist, and many of the people involved have connections to the church's infamous advocacy against psychiatry."

"At the age of 23, I turned away from the family of Jehovah's Witnesses who raised me.

They had wanted me to be an uber-Witness. So my family forbade me to go to college and instead raised me to be a full-time, door-to-door minister who converted people to their way of thinking — I actually succeeded with one in about 15 years of trying — and to pay my bills by working menial jobs.

Every meaningful connection in my life was through a local congregation of Witnesses, known as the Kingdom Hall. That was by design.

Because my family and congregation believed that the rest of the world, and that means all government and all non-Jehovah's Witnesses religious systems, is controlled by Satan and his legions, they were very insular except for when they were evangelizing.

That Kingdom Hall was my world. And my place in the family depended on being a Witness."

New Book: Religion of Fear
"Religion of Fear reveals the story of how a Pentecostal sect, the Church of God of the Union Assembly, a small splinter group of the holiness Church of God movement, evolved into one of the largest and wealthiest cults in America. At its height in 1995, the Union Assembly included fifty-four churches spread across nineteen states. Spanning nearly a hundred years and three generations of family leadership and relying on hundreds of interviews with members and former members, David Cady's groundbreaking investigation begins, in 1917, with the Church's illiterate but magnetic founder, Charlie (C. T.) Pratt, summoning a congregation of resilient followers with little more than a flair for spectacle. As power dynamics stir within the maturing Church, Cady turns to C. T.'s fourth son, Jesse, who conspires to wrest the Union Assembly from his five brothers and dismiss his own parents from the church they had created. Jesse dominated the Church with fear and a demand of total obedience from its nearly 15,000 members until his mysterious death at age fifty-six."

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