Oct 13, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 10/12-13/2019

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8 November 2019, Glasgow, UK

"Increasing numbers of people are leaving high-control groups (commonly referred to as cults or sects). Given worldwide recent developments and investigations of some of these groups (e.g. Australian Royal Commission into the Jehovah's Witnesses) and the increasing number of members leaving these groups, it is vital for mental health professionals to recognise the specific needs of this group.

Various forms and sizes of high-control groups and relationships exists. Spanning from one-to-one high-control relationships, for example domestic abuse, to religious high control groups and secular groups, such as political or commercial groups.

The focus of this course lies predominantly on understanding religious high control groups.

The course focuses on how we can identify these groups, understanding the spectrum of control, what we can do to minimise the harm they cause and how we can support people's recovery from membership in these groups, post-exit. The course will also offer some insight into preventative actions that can be taken to promote healthy relationships and reduce risk factors relating to the recruitment into high – control groups and relationships.

The course will also include a personal account of a survivor and a Q&A session, where attendees can answer questions directly to a survivor of high control group abuse."

"A New York fortune teller accused of swindling a dozen 'vulnerable' clients out of more than $1 million across a five year period appeared in a Manhattan court on Friday, as prosecutors pursue a litany of fraud charges.

Looking more morose than mystic, shamed clairvoyant Ann Thompson, 42, solemnly emerged from the holding room of the Manhattan Supreme Court, dressed in a grey tank-top with her hair scraped back.

Thompson last appeared in court in August, where she pleaded not guilty to 17 counts, including scheme to defraud, grand larceny, and forgery, in relation to complaints made by 12 of her former clients.

Prosecutors say she touted herself as a renowned psychic medium and advertised readings for five dollars, operating out of the storefront 'Psychic Zoe' on West 35th Street, near Seventh Avenue."

"Jonathan Watt and Verity Carter's father was the first man to be convicted of sexual abuse linked to the Children of God cult in Scotland.

The cult started in the US in the 1960s but Jonathan and Verity were brought up under its strict teachings in "communes" around Scotland in the 80s and early 90s.

The religious sect, which was also known as The Family, has faced allegations of widespread sexual and physical abuse of children, including sexual violence, incest, and brainwashing.

Last year, Verity and Jonathan's father Alexander Watt was convicted of four charges of sexually abusing his daughter and another child in Renfrewshire and on the east coast of Scotland when they were part of the cult.

Following his conviction, Verity, who is now 39, began to speak out about her ordeal but her younger brother has never publicly discussed his upbringing before.

Jonathan told BBC Scotland's The Nine he was not sexually abused but was the subject of "daily beatings" while growing up in the cult."

The remnants of the group continue to have a presence online, now known as The Family International.

" ... A spokeswoman said: 'Although the Family International has apologised on a number of occasions to former members for any hurt, real or perceived, that they may have suffered during their time in our membership, we do not give credence to tales of institutionalised abuse.'"

" ... Cult expert Patrick Ryan discusses cultic relationships and his personal history with Transcendental Meditation." 

"Cult Mediation Specialist Patrick Ryan revisits us to discuss interventions and alternative strategies for exiting cults."

DW Documentary: My Daughter and the Caliphate

"A father fights to save his daughter who has run off to join the terror organization Islamic State. For four long years Maik Messing doesn't know if she will survive the ordeal. And for those same four years he was joined by a camera Team."

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